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Lisa is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice specializing in Jungian and Mind-Body approaches to psychotherapy. She completed her Ph.D. at Pacifica Graduate Institute and has taught at Pacifica as adjunct since 2000. She was past director of training for the Clinical Program and has enjoyed serving on dissertation committees and helping students in dissertation development.

Evans has degrees from Williams College, Antioch International, and The Claremont Graduate School. He is the author of ten books and numerous articles on comparative literature and mythology, and has taught at colleges in Switzerland, Maryland, Texas, and California, and at the C.G. Jung Institute in Kusnacht.

Paul is an Associate Professor in the Department of Human and Organizational Development, Peabody College at Vanderbilt University. He also serves as the Associate Chair in the Department of Human & Organizational Development. His research is in the area of community organizing, participation, social power and community change.

Zaman has a doctorate in Political Science and completed his postgraduate studies in Islamic Mysticism (Sufism) and Islamic Gnosticism (Erfan). He has taught at Kabul University, the University of Southern California, the University of California, Los Angeles, and several community colleges in Southern California. His of areas of specialization are: Islamic Studies; Sufism; Theosophy; Political Philosophy;and Poetic Expression in Mystical Thought.

Thomas is a psychodynamic and imaginal psychotherapist in private practice in Santa Maria, CA. He received his Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2013. Thomas is currently Research Coordinator, Research Associate for Track D, and Adjunct Faculty in the Counseling Psychology Program at Pacifica.

Maurice received his Ph.D. from the History of Consciousness Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz and works in the areas of American, ethnic, critical gender, and cultural studies. He is a professor at Ohio State University in Comparative Studies, and he teaches adjunct at Pacifica each spring quarter.

Victoria Stevens. is a licensed clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, speaker, researcher and educator. She holds a BA with honors in philosophy, cello and theater from the University of Kansas, an MA and Ph.D. in clinical psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (CGI in Los Angeles) and specialized certifications in Hypnosis and the Treatment of Victims and Perpetrators of Violent Crimes.

Robert is a Founding Faculty Member at the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis, Los Angeles, and at the Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity, New York City. He is the author of World, Affectivity, Trauma: Heidegger and Post-Cartesian Psychoanalysis (Routledge, 2011) and Trauma and Human Existence: Autobiographical, Psychoanalytic, and Philosophical Reflections (Routledge, 2007) as well as numerous other books.

Tina is an analyst and faculty member of the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, and has a private practice in San Francisco. Past co-founder and faculty member of the Authentic Movement Institute, she teaches internationally, and is a founding faculty member of the Women’s Spirituality Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies. A long-time core faculty member of the Marion Woodman Foundation, she also teaches in the Specialization in Somatics Studies Doctoral program at Pacifica.

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Carol Tanenbaum is a Marriage Family Therapist and psychoanalyst. She has been in private practice in Sherman Oaks since 1978. While she works with families, couples and individuals, she also has had an interest and a great deal of experience working in community/non profit settings both here in the United States and overseas.

Becca S. Tarnas, Ph.D., is a scholar, artist, and editor of Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology. She received her doctorate in Philosophy and Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies, with her dissertation titled The Back of Beyond: The Red Books of C. G. Jung and J. R. R. Tolkien.

Richard is the founding director of the graduate program in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, where he currently teaches. Born in 1950 in Geneva, Switzerland, of American parents, he grew up in Michigan, where he received a classical Jesuit education. In 1968 he entered Harvard, where he studied Western intellectual and cultural history and depth psychology, graduating with an A.B. cum laude in 1972.

C.D. is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is Adjunct Faculty at Pacifica, teaching Process of Psychotherapy, Clinical Practice, and Group Process evening training. Born in England, C.D. originally came to Southern California to teach Fine Art at USC. He then became a Director/Producer in the entertainment industry before entering the field of psychology.

Priscilla is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has worked in community mental health agencies and in private practice for twenty years. She has a Ph.D in Mythological Studies with Emphasis in Depth Psychology. Priscilla has taught in Masters level Psychology and Humanities programs at Phillips Graduate Institute in Los Angeles, Meridian University in Petaluma, and CIIS in San Francisco.

Andrew earned his master's in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. Santa Barbara and completed a 2-year program in Hakomi Integrative Body Therapy Training. Andrew is a staff therapist at CALM, a Santa Barbara agency specializing in helping individuals and families resolve issues related to domestic violence and child abuse.

Douglas has a private Jungian based psychotherapy practice in Pasadena and he teaches as adjunct faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California. He has presented workshops and talks throughout the state of California on LGBTQ issues and on dream therapy, his two areas of specialization.

Paula is Professor in the Department of Kinesiology, California State University, Northridge (CSUN). She is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, certified Sport Psychologist, and works in private practice in California. She is Co-Director of the Performance Psychophysiology Laboratory at CSUN, adjunct faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute and Professor Emeritus at York University’s Departments of Theatre and Graduate Studies (Canada).

My psychotherapy practice is located in San Francisco. I am a certified adult and child Jungian psychoanalyst. I work with adults dealing with issues like relationship turmoil, career change, creative obstacles, work stress, and major life transitions. I also see children and adolescents, as well as their parents, to treat a variety of family, developmental, and adjustment issues.

Alejandro is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Univeristy of Oregon. Alejandro is working on the articulation of a decolonial poietics or decolonial aesthetic thought. This takes his work further on aesthetics and philosophy, on decolonizing consciousness, and on simultaneous asymmetric temporalities and the configuration of consciousness, intersubjectivity and singular identities out of dynamic pluriversal origins.

Megan is a licensed psychologist working with adults and adolescents in Ventura County. Meghan's dissertation was on the Archetypes of Ecopsychologists at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She has worked as a naturalist, as a rites of passage guide, as a facilitator of progressive rural community development projects in South Africa, and as a psychotherapist in psychiatric hospital, clinic, and private practice settings.