2024/2025 Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance is an estimate the cost of education for the academic year. This includes direct costs, such as tuition and residential/non-residential fees, plus estimates of indirect costs, including living expenses (outside of Pacifica), books, travel, personal, and miscellaneous expenses. The estimated figures for the indirect costs listed are provided by The College Board. They are based on nine-months and published in May annually based on California regional and metropolitan budgets developed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These are only estimates. Individual student costs may vary based on the standard of living and where the student lives.


Includes tuition and *residential/non-residential fees as well as additional lodging. These are the cost of items that you pay directly to the school.


Includes costs that Learners will incur indirectly while attending school, items such as living expenses, transportation, books, materials and supplies, federal loan fees, miscellaneous personal expenses.