Office of the President

Admin building at the Ladera Campus, green grass, office of the president webpage

Leonie H. Mattison, EdD, MBA
President & CEO, Pacifica Graduate Institute


Welcome to The Office of The President & CEO

The expression and symbol of Pacifica’s soul are loudest in the office of the President and CEO.

It is an honor to serve as the 4th President and CEO of Pacifica Graduate Institute. As we deepen into courage and integrity, we experience the power of joining hearts to meet people where they are, hands to hold one another through crisis, and heads to imagine new ways to carry out our mission to foster creative learning and research in the fields of psychology, humanities, and mythological studies, framed in the traditions of depth psychology.

What makes Pacifica Graduate Institute special is our unwavering dedication to our motto: animae mundi colendae gratia – for the sake of tending soul in and of the world. We learn how to serve using the tools of depth psychology through a Jungian lens– one of the only institutions in the world with that focus. This is how Pacifica originated and how we remain almost 50 years later. We respect cultural diversity and foster open inquiry to improve each other and the world. Pacifica is not for the selfish and the self-serving. If you are ready to be transformed into a leader to inspire others, heal communities, and tend to the world– we welcome you.

Pacifica Graduate Institute is an accredited graduate school offering master’s and doctoral degree programs focusing on depth psychology through a Jungian lens. Led by distinguished faculty, coursework explores theories, promotes research, and includes education, practice, and training in Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Depth Psychology, Mythology, and other disciplines grounded in the traditions of depth psychology. Our graduates go on to impact, heal, and change the lives of others and their communities. Many receive accreditation from working as therapists, counselors, and psychologists. Others use their education in mythology, the arts, or other areas to imagine and deliver a better future.

I invite you to visit one of our two beautiful campuses in Santa Barbara, California, become acquainted with our master’s and doctoral degree programs, and find the program that aligns with your vocation.

Please contact our admissions department at 805.879.7305 or email to schedule a visit. Thank you for considering Pacifica Graduate Institute, and I look forward to seeing you on campus.


Dr. Leonie H. Mattison, Ed.D
President and CEO