When Deep Calls to Deep: Pacifica Celebrates a Successful Journey Week 2023

On September 27 – October 1, 2023, Pacifica welcomed people from across the nation to our campus for Journey Week, “An Immersive Week of Learning and Connecting at Pacifica Graduate Institute,” which included a Wellness Day, BEAM Career Fair, and a weekend conference entitled “When Deep Calls to Deep: Journeys of the Soul for a Culture in Crisis.” This transformative conference left an indelible mark on all who participated. It was a weekend filled with memorable moments, heartfelt conversations, a serene atmosphere, and awe-inspiring topics that nourished the mind and soul. Jessica Rubinstein, Director of Admissions at Pacifica, reports, “We were thrilled to welcome prospective students, alumni, community members, staff, faculty, and more of Pacifica’s wonderful community, which reaches across the world!”

The enduring memories crafted during Journey Week were truly moving. Whether it was the deep bonds formed with fellow attendees, the enlightening lectures delivered by esteemed faculty members, or the profound insights gained through workshops and discussions, each day was filled with moments that etched themselves into our hearts and minds. Highlights included a talk by Dr. Jaiya John, a renowned speaker who left the audience with both tears of emotion and smiles, as well as a Keynote address by Dr. Thema Bryant, President of the APA, who posited the necessity of self-care among those who carry the mission to heal others. Pacifica’s President and CEO, Dr. Leone Mattison, participated fully in Journey Week, from her opening remarks to the closing Soul Circle. She described Journey Week as “A beautiful, soul-centered experience, with hearts letting go of their burdens and people listening and having conversations at a deeper level.” The authenticity and vulnerability with which participants shared their thoughts and stories created an atmosphere of profound connection and understanding. These heartfelt conversations not only fostered personal growth but also strengthened the sense of community at Pacifica.

From a Landshark Tour of Santa Barbara, to featured presentations, a tour of our beautiful campuses, and a prospective student Pizza lunch, we had a wonderful selection of interactive events and workshops to choose from. From depth psychology and mythology to ecological consciousness and spirituality, participants were exposed to a rich tapestry of ideas that expanded their horizons and challenged their perspectives. The depth of knowledge and wisdom shared during that week was truly remarkable.

One participant shared, “Journey Week was nothing short of magical. It was a weekend where my soul was nourished, and my mind was expanded. The connections I made and the insights I gained were beyond words. It was an event that left an indelible impression and renewed my passion for learning and growth.”

As Journey Week ended, there was a shared sentiment among participants and organizers alike: We cannot wait to bring Journey Week back next year! Building upon the successes of this year, we are already planning to craft an even more profound and enriching experience for Journey Week 2024.

Take a look at some of the inspiring moments of Journey Week.