Holiday Wishes, Updates & Annual Report from the Office of the President

Dear Pacifica Community,

Reflecting on the culmination of my second holiday season as your Pacifica Graduate Institute President, gratitude fills my heart. This journey has been transformative, and I extend my heartfelt thanks to the soulful campus community that defines Pacifica. Each day, you inspire me to serve wholeheartedly, leaving me with a sense of fulfillment, knowing I’ve served you with all my soul.

As you head into the warm embrace of your holiday quiet season, I offer the following gifts:

  • v Watch our monthly Eye on Pacifica video update, with reflections on the past year and holiday wishes, including those extended from our faculty and staff to the Pacifica community during our recent Teamwork Thursday employee meeting. Your engagement remains a driving force behind the continued success of our community.
  • v Immerse yourself in the insights presented within our inaugural annual presidential report. Each page reveals a narrative artfully crafted by your invaluable contributions to creating a tapestry of excellence. I look forward to the continued collaboration shaping the next chapters of our shared story.
  • v Share the Pacifica SOUL Promise live donor page across your network. As we collectively amplify the impact of our efforts, we honor our commitment to making depth psychology accessible to all. You role in shaping this narrative is indispensable in embracing the spirit of giving and interconnectedness that defines Pacifica.

I cherish the spirit of our people, the tranquility of our campus, and the warmth of the holiday season. Wherever you may find yourself in the expansive reaches of the world, I wish you beautiful moments adorned with the warm embrace of love, resonating echoes of laughter, and the enduring radiant glow of joy—not just during this holiday season but throughout time.

As always, stay Pacifica safe, soulful, and anchored in the collective spirit that defines our unique community.

 Onward together!

Dr. Lee

President & CEO, Pacifica Graduate Institute