Pacifica Graduate Institute is committed to addressing challenges around access to mental health services and the shortage of practitioners through the Pacifica SOUL Promise, a groundbreaking commitment to making depth psychological education, research, and services universally accessible. Over the next ten years, this initiative will offer scholarships to up to 1,500 individuals in underserved communities on the Central Coast, enabling them to pursue graduate degrees or certificates in mental and behavioral health fields. The Pacifica SOUL Promise encompasses a comprehensive strategy to expand the mental and behavioral health workforce, provide professional development, build a diverse faculty, establish a community clinic, and create pathways to fund innovative research. This multifaceted approach aims to transform mental health education and care on the Central Coast region, embodying our commitment to ensuring accessibility and affordability and cultivating a more inclusive and conscious society.

Consider making a meaningful, tax-deductible contribution to the Pacifica SOUL Promise, a fiscal sponsorship fund of the Santa Barbara Foundation. This transformative milestone underscores Pacifica’s dedication to innovation, unlocking opportunities for strategic partnerships and meeting essential funding goals. 

For more information and how to apply, visit our FAQs below.

Pacifica SOUL Promise is a fiscal sponsorship fund of the Santa Barbara Foundation.

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How can we collectively address and alleviate the mental health challenges in our communities?

Pacifica SOUL Promise FAQs

What is the Pacifica SOUL Promise?
The Pacifica SOUL Promise is a ten-year commitment by the Pacifica Graduate Institute to transform mental health education and care on the central coast of California by cultivating 1,500 new practitioners through a scholarship program, educational initiatives, and community care efforts. Our vision is to make depth psychological education, research, and services universally accessible for little to no cost.

What motivated the creation of the Pacifica SOUL Promise?
The Pacifica SOUL Promise initiative is a direct response to feedback from the Pacifica community and external members revealing barriers to education, lack of diversity in the workforce, limited access to services in underserved communities, and lack of access to grant research funding.

What are the goals of the Pacifica SOUL Promise?
The Pacifica SOUL Promise goals include expanding the mental and behavioral health workforce, providing professional development, cultivating a diverse faculty, launching a community clinic on our Ladera campus, and creating a pathway for grant-funded research.

How does Pacifica plan to expand the mental and behavioral health workforce?
Pacifica envisions creating the School of Professional Psychology, grouping license-eligible clinical and counseling programs, and offering scholarships and wrap-around student services to help address the needs of individuals and underserved communities on the Central Coast of California.

What professional development programs are offered through Pacifica SOUL Promise?
Pacifica Extension and International Studies will offer stackable certificates from professional development to personal enrichment to equip learners to change their world. Courses include Astrology and Mythology, Psychology and Counseling, Writing and Research, Leadership and Transformation, Women in Psychology, Integrative Therapies, Arts-Based Research, Introduction to Depth Psychology, and Specialized Certification in Joseph Campbell Studies.

How does Pacifica plan to build a diverse faculty?
Pacifica Extension and International Studies will partner with faculty, alumni, and local experts to develop a graduate certificate program for qualified professionals. This program will target individuals with a graduate degree and teaching experience in relevant areas.

What is the Pacifica Community Clinic, and how does it fit into the initiative?
The Pacifica Community Clinic is part of the vision to provide mental health resources and culturally responsive and relevant care to the community through a graduate service learning program. Our goal is to address the stigma of therapy and establish partnerships with local clinics, agencies, and healthcare systems.

How will Pacifica create a pathway for grant-funded research?
Pacifica aspires to establish a transparent, inclusive, and seamless pathway for diverse faculty and students to explore, apply for, and secure grant funding aligned with academic goals. This inclusive pathway aims to dismantle barriers to innovation and amplify Pacifica’s impact.

How can individuals benefit from the Pacifica SOUL Promise?
The Pacifica SOUL Promise initiative aims to offer scholarships, professional development opportunities, and access to community care services. It aims to prepare diverse scholar-practitioners to address the mental health needs of children, youth, adults, and whole communities across the Central Coast region.

How can organizations or foundations contribute to the Pacifica SOUL Promise?
Organizations or foundations can contribute by providing financial support or grants and forming partnerships to help Pacifica achieve its goals. Excitingly, the Pacifica SOUL Promise secured fiscal sponsorship through the Santa Barbara Foundation, marking a transformative step toward strategic partnerships and funding goals.

A live, tax-deductible donation page, inviting contributions to bring the Pacifica SOUL Promise vision to life can be found HERE. Anticipation is high for a visionary 2024 fundraising campaign, aiming to secure resources for the Pacifica SOUL Promise, propelling the institute into a new era of accessibility and inclusivity.
For more information on potential collaboration and partnerships, please contact

Who is eligible for the Pacifica SOUL Promise?
New and existing students who meet specific income requirements and reside in the Central Coast region of California are eligible for Pacifica SOUL Promise. Pacifica Graduate Institute acknowledges that individuals may face special and unforeseen circumstances that could affect their application or participation in the program. If you find yourself in such a situation and believe that your circumstances merit additional consideration, we encourage you to submit a written request providing details about the nature of your situation. Further details around eligibility requirements and the application process will be shared in 2024.

What expenses does the Pacifica SOUL Promise cover?
Pacifica SOUL Promise covers the cost of tuition and residential fees and up to the full cost of tuition based on financial need. The semesters must be taken consecutively within three years (an approximate $115,000 value across three years), and eligibility must be maintained. Tuition and mandatory fees will be covered by scholarships, grants, and tuition donations raised through this program.

When does the Pacifica SOUL Promise launch?
The Pacifica SOUL Promise campaign will be launched in 2024. Students will be eligible to apply once the funding goals have been met.

Is the Pacifica SOUL Promise renewable?
Pacifica SOUL Promise is designed as a ten-year commitment. Our students will continue receiving support for their education as long as they remain eligible for the program.

What expenses are not covered by the Pacifica SOUL Promise?
Pacifica SOUL Promise does not cover living expenses, health services fees, transportation, educational supplies, or course materials.

How do I apply for the Pacifica SOUL Promise?
Information on applying for the Pacifica SOUL Promise will be featured on a dedicated webpage on the Pacifica Graduate Institute’s website. Please stay tuned for more information. If you have questions, please contact

How is the Pacifica SOUL Promise being funded?
Funding for the Pacifica SOUL Promise will come from grants, private sources such as donors, and a strategic campaign.