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Carol Burbank

Carol Burbank


  • Ph.D., Performance Studies, Northwestern University
  • M.A., Creative Writing/English, Boston University

Carol is an independent scholar, mentor and teacher specializing in archetypal, mythic and indigenous approaches to exploring the stories that shape our identities, experiences, expectations, erformances and roles, from the world of the arts to leadership studies, organizational and social change movements. She has a Ph.D. from Northwestern University’s Performance Studies Department (1998), and MA in Creative Writing/English from Boston University (1984). She is also trained in traditional Hawaiian culture and healing practices, and combines transformative talk story, community-based healing (ho’oponopono) in her coaching work with core stories and somatic healing. Her interdisciplinary research combines methodologies and theories from literary studies, psychology, ethnography, sociology, anthropology, women’s studies, queer theory, critical theory, indigenous cultural studies, and organizational development. She has served as faculty and graduate advisor at multiple universities, including the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, the University of Maryland, College Park, Union Institute and University, Gonzaga University, the University of New England, and Pacifica Graduate Institute. Publications include book reviews, poetry, plays, journalism and scholarship. Most recently, she has published reviews and commentary for Indigenous Issues and Culture, and scholarly articles about leadership and narratives/archetypes in Business Leadership Review (2012), Integral Leadership Review (2013), and the volume of essays, The Transforming Leader: New Approaches to Leadership for the Twenty-First Century (JosseyBass, 2012).