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There are many sources of scholarship listings and databases available to students on the Internet. We recommend that you not pay for any search service. Learn more about scholarships and how to avoid scholarship scams. Pacifica is not responsible for the quality of information or services offered on the sites below and we do not endorse or support their products, policies or services.

Scholarship Searches:

Name Details
101 Jen Review DEADLINE: JANUARY 31st each year
ADT Home Security Essay contest.
American Assoc. of University Women-Educational Foundation Grants and fellowship search
ACA Foundation Essay Contest
American Indian Graduate Center Scholarships and fellowships for American Indian and Alaska Native graduate students.
American Psychological Association Scholarships, Grants, and Awards search
American Psychological Association of Graduate Students Scholarships and Awards
Andrade Law Offices Scholarship Video or essay contest
Anthony Castelli Veteran’s College Scholarship Essay contest for current military veteran or honorably discharged veteran or parent, sibling, child or grandchild of a current or honorably discharged veteran. DEADLINE: Memorial Day each year
Air Tools Guide Essay contest. DEADLINE: JUNE 30, 2017
Association on American Indian Affairs Scholarship programs for both undergraduate and graduate students who are from federally recognized tribes and tribes not recognized federally.
Baker and Gilchrist 350+ word essay or video contest.
Band with Success
Bats Finder Essay contest. DEADLINE: JUNE 30, 2017
Best Psychology Degrees Scholarship program. DEADLINES: OCTOBER 31
Bob Scholarship – Best of Bests Essay, info graphics, or article contest. DEADLINE: NOVEMBER 30, 2017
Boom Essays Writing Contest Essay contest
Buenas Opiniones Essay contest. DEADLINES: AUGUST 31, 2017
California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Educational Foundation scholarships and grants.
California Psychological Association  The CFA Foundation – minority scholarship program, sponsored trainings
California Tour Guide Essay contest.
CareerInfo – sponsored by the US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration Scholarship search database Essay contest. DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 28 YEARLY
CGTrader Essay contest.
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Scholarship and grant program
Christine Downing Dissertation Fellowship Fellowship
Closetbox Entrepreneur Scholarship Application Scholarship.
Cogniizant Transformation Young Entrepreneur Essay Scholarship.
College Board Scholarship search engine
College Scholarships Scholarship search database. Includes scholarships specific to degree level and other criteria.
Compression Info Essay contest.
Congressional Caucus Hispanic Institute Scholarship Offers a one-time $5,000 scholarship to Latino students in the US at the graduate level who have a history of performing public service-oriented activities in their communities and who demonstrate a desire to continue their civic engagement in the future.
Court System Bi-annual essay scholarship
Council for International Exchange of Scholars Grants offered by the Fulbright Scholar Program
Counter Culturist Essay contest. DEADLINE: AUGUST 20, 2017
Credit Card Reviewed Essay contest.
David Benowitz Recognizing Public Servants Essay scholarship.
David E Gordon Essay & Video contest.
Davis-Putter Scholarship Funds Grants for active participants in struggles for civil rights, social/economic justice or other progressive issues.
Dental Video entry. DEADLINE: JUNE 1 ANNUALLY
Diet in Review Essay contest. Essay and film contest.
Disability Scholarships Scholarship resourse center
Dr. Gregory T. Amarantos Essay contest. DEADLINE: DECEMBER 12, 2017
Dronethusiast Global Drone Scholarship Women in Science essay contest. DEADLINE: DECEMBER 1, 2017
Duffy Law Essay contest. DEADLINE: JULY 15, 2017
Edvisors Scholarship search database
Employment Resources National Archives Employment Resources for Veterans
Essay contest. DEADLINE: AUGUST 20, 2017
Eraser Clinic Laser Tattoo Removal
Writing project. DEADLINES: FALL June 30, 2017  and  SPRING November 30, 2017
FastWeb Scholarship search database
Federal Grants Wire Clearinghouse for federal grant opportunities, organized by categories
FinAid! Scholarship search directory
Fittous Essay contest. DEADLINE: JULY 31, 2017
Form Swift Essay contest. DEADLINES: JUNE 15, 2017 – SEPTEMBER 15, 2017 – DECEMBER 15, 2017
Foundation Center Grants and foundation directory
Ford Foundation The Fellowship Programs, offered through the National Academy of Sciences, seeks to increase faculty diversity at U.S. colleges and universities. Fellowships are made at the predoctoral, dissertation and postdoctoral levels to students who demonstrate academic excellence, a commitment to pluralism and a strong interest in teaching and research.
The Future of Bariatric Surgery Scholarship DEADLINES: JULY 1, 2017 AND JANUARY 1, 2018
Gary Sinise Foundation Programs for Veterans
Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship $1,000 merit-based scholarships
Get in a Pool, Get Healthy Writing contest.
Girlterest Essay contest.
Go College Scholarship search directory
Good Call Scholarship search directory Database of grant opportunities within the U.S. federal government
Hammock Expert Essay contest. DEADLINES: AUGUST 31, 2017
Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Research grants and dissertation fellowships to students during dissertation writing phase.
Health Professions Education Foundation Scholarship and loan repayment programs-California health professions (MFT, Clinical Social Workers, Psychologists).
Healthcare Leaders Essay contest.
Head Set Plus Video contest. DEADLINE: DECEMBER 31, 2017
Help Teaching Scholarship Short story or informational article. DEADLINE: JUNE 1, 2017
HiLine Coffe Essay contest. DEADLINE: MAY 15, 2017
Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholarship search directory
Hitting The Golf Ball Sports Scholarship Essay scholarship. Students that have a passion in sports.
How to Start a Blog Video entry.
iDigic Essay contest. DEADLINES: JUNE 15, 2017 AND NOVEMBER 2017
Improving Energy Efficiency Essay scholarship.
Intenet Marketing Essay contets. DEADLINE: NOV 30, 2017
Invesmentzen Essay contest.
Italissimmo Essay contest. DEADLINE: MAY 30, 2017
Jason Kalafat Make a Difference Essay scholarship.
Jewish Community Center Graduate student scholarship program. Recipients required to work for 2 years post graduation otherwise scholarship must be repaid.
K. Hunter Goff Bankruptcy/Consumer Rights Scholarship Application and transcripts requierd. DEADLINE: JULY 31, 2017
Kenneth Carp Law Offices Essay contest. DEADLINE: DECEMBER 31, 2017
Latin American Educational Foundation Colorado resident. Hispanic heritage and/or actively involved in the Hispanic Community. Community service involvement required.
Latino College Dollars Scholarship search directory.
LawnStarter Essay contest.
Lead Roster DEADLINE: DECEMBER 15 each year
Levin Injury Firm Essay contest.
Licensed Mental Health Services Provider Education Program Encourages mental health service providers to work in Mental Health Professional Shortage areas or qualified facilities in California by authorizing a plan for repayment (up to $15,000) of their educational loans in exchange for their service in a designated shortage area for at least 2 years.
Look Twice, Save a Life Scholarship Scholarship promoting motorcycle safety among students. DEADLINE: DECEMBER 1
Mars Translation Essay scholarship. DEADLINE: JUNE 30, 2017
Masters in Scholarship, Fellowship, and Grant search
Manualgo Electronics Scholarship Essay scholarship. DEADLINE: JULY 31, 2017
Meldon Law Essay contest.
Mental Health Dissertation Research Grant to Increase Diversity (R36) The purpose of this funding opportunity is to increase the diversity of the mental health research workforce. It will enable qualified doctoral candidates to pursue research careers in any area relevant to the research mission of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Mechanism of Support
Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship Essay or video, scholarship for those who have battled cancer at any point in their lives (not limited to mesothelioma) or those who have a parent, sibling, immediate family member or close friend that has battled or is currently fighting cancer.
Minnesota Injury Essay contest. DEADLINE: JUNE 13, 2017
MyHairWeb Essay contest. DEADLINE: JUNE 15, 2017
MyParentingJournal Essay contest.
My Private Tutor Essay scholarship. DEADLINE: MAY 9, 2017
My Sewing Adventure Essay contest. DEADLINE: MAY 31, 2017
National Academy of Education Dissertation Fellowship Program and Post-doctoral Fellowships offered.
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) The NAACP is a leading advocate of equal access to quality education.
National Endowment for the Humanities Grants and fellowships available. Reference materials. Summer seminars.
National Federation of the Blind Scholarship for legally blind student, must participate in NFB convention and program activities.
Open Society Foundations Grant, scholarship, and fellowship
Paralyzed Veterans of America Scholarships for paralyzed veterans, spouses of paralyzed veterans, or children of paralyzed veterans under the age of 24.
Parentinn Essay contest.
The Perfect Home $3000 writing contest
Point Foundation The National LGBTQ Scholarship Fund. Part 1of Application due November
Protechlists 500-1000 word article. DEADLINE: OCTOBER 31, 2017
RC State Essay contest. DEADLINE: NOVEMBER 30, 2017
The Reeves Law Group Scholarship Essay contest.
Rice Law MD Essay contest. DEADLINE: MAY 1, 2017
Roy Scrivner Memorial Research Grant The Roy Scrivner Research Grants provide graduate student grants (preference given to dissertation candidates) for empirical or applied research that encourages the study of lesbian, gay, and bisexual family (LGB) psychology and LGB family therapy. Researchers from all fields of the behavioral and social sciences are encouraged to apply.
Sallie Mae Scholarship Search Engine Scholarship search engine
Safe Driving Scholarship 2-minute Video. DEADLINE: DECEMBER 31, 2017
Scholarship America Resource for private scholarships and other financial support
Scholarship Experts Scholarship search directory
Scholarships and Grants Scholarships and grants resources Scholarship search directory
School Soup Scholarship search directory
SGM Law Group Essay Scholarship.
Shawn Sukumar Criminal Justice Reform Essay scholarship.
Sleep Deep Essay contest.
Sleepedia Video Scholarship.
Smarter Furniture for Smart Home Writing Scholarship
Creative Writing Annual Scholarship. First year students only
Smart Home Talks (SHT) Scholarship
Info graphic or article submission. DEADLINE: JUNE 3, 2017
Smith Publicity One time $1,000 scholarship for best essay on persuasive writing
Soccer HQ Essay contest.
Social Science Research Council Dissertation development fellowship. Grants and fellowships promote diversification of knowledge, perspectives, backgrounds and nationalities.
Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Grants and awards for research on social issues. Thesis and dissertation writing.
Southern Regional Educational Board SREB-State Doctoral Scholars Program to help increase faculty diversity. Offers fellowships.
Student Aid on the Web Financial aid and scholarships search wizard. Other educational financial resources.
Supplementsbit Essay Scholarship
Support Sobriety Scholarship Essay Scholarship.
Thank Your Skin Scholarship 500-1000 Essay Scholarship
Thomas Law Office Essay contest.
The Rise Of New Homes 500 word Essay contest.
Toolversed Essay contest. DEADLINE: DECEMBER 31, 2017
United Negro College Fund Scholarships, fellowships and internships.
U.S. Post Office Locator Scholarship Award Essay Contest
Veteran Resources Scholarship and Grants for Veterans
Essay contest.
Wear Action Scholarship
Essay contest.
Wieand Legal
Essay contest. DEADLINE: JULY 1, 2017
WifeKnows’ Annual Scholarship
Essay Scholarship.
Women’s Guide to Finance
Financial Planning Resources
Women’s Scholarships Scholarships for women Essay contest.
Zavodnick, Zavodnick, & Lasky, LLC bi-annual Scholarship Essay writing project. DEADLINE: JUNE 1, 2017
Zenni Optical Poetry contest