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Please note that there is overlap between these categories, so we urge you to check each. Pacifica Graduate Institute is not responsible for the content or relevance of these resources; they are developed and maintained by external organizations.

For help with Curriculum Vitae (CV), cover letter, and resume assistance, please look at:

For tips on starting a career in counseling and psychotherapy please look at:
Building a Successful Career in Counseling and Psychotherapy (a film by Sherry Smith, Ph.D., and Susan Smith, LPC. Available from and requires off-campus authentication)

For tips on starting a career teaching in higher education, please look at:
Teaching at Different Types of Universities and Colleges.

For information on careers and payscales based on US Census Data and Bureau of Labor Statistics, see:
JobComet– “JobComet was created in 2016 to provide job seekers with the most relevant, up-to-date, and high quality postings.  JobComet integrates data such as Glassdoor ratings and Forbes Top Business designations.”

For information on psychology-related internships, see: This site contains a searchable database of internships based on zipcodes. Includes both full time and part time internships.

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Psychiatry Resources


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