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The Office of the Registrar provides a variety of services related to the creation and maintenance of academic records. The office is responsible for:

  • Coordinating quarterly registration
  • Tracking enrollment status
  • Enrollment verifications
  • Administering in-school loan deferments
  • NSC reporting
  • Grade reporting
  • Reviewing academic standing
  • Issuing academic transcripts
  • BBS Program Certification
  • VA Certification
  • Issuing I-20’s
  • Student name & address changes
  • Conducting degree audits
  • Posting degrees
  • Issuing diplomas

The Office of the Registrar is committed to addressing the needs of students, alumni, and the campus community in a timely, personable manner.


Francine Matas
(805) 969-3626 Ext. 165
(805) 565-3804 Fax

Associate Registrar

Amy Bristol
(805) 969-3626 Ext. 154
(805) 565-3804 Fax
Responsible for: Registration, Enrollment Verification, In-school loan deferments

Registrar Coordinator

Rob Case
(805) 969-3626 Ext. 198
(805) 565-3804 Fax
Responsible for: Transcript Requests, Address Changes, Grade posting, V.A. Certification, BBS Certification

Order Transcripts

To request official transcripts, you may complete the Transcript Request Form or submit a signed written request to:

Pacifica Graduate Institute
Office of the Registrar
249 Lambert Road
Carpinteria, CA 93013

Be sure to print your name legibly and indicate the address to which you want the transcript sent. Note: Your signature is required.

There is no charge for students currently enrolled at Pacifica.

For graduates or former students, the fee is $4.00. Please allow one week for processing.

If you have questions regarding transcripts, you may contact Rob Case via email at

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