Emergency Campus Closures

Below is a list of approved editors to contact for assistance copyediting and formatting student papers and theses. It is required that your thesis be edited by an editor from this list. Editors are independent contractors, not Pacifica Graduate Institute employees. Please contact editors directly regarding rates and terms for their services. Pacifica Graduate Institute and the Counseling Psychology Program cannot mediate contractual disagreements between independent contractors and students.

Marsha Kobre Anderson
Tel: (702) 569-0766
email: docudoc18@aol.com

Rekha Chakraburtty
Tel: (760) 753-7830
email: rekhachakra@gmail.com

Jan Freya
Tel: (831) 427-2502
email: janfreya@sbcglobal.net

Liza Gerberding
email: lizagerb@mac.com

Dan Gordon
email: danielkgordon@yahoo.com

Linda Gray
Tel & Fax: (505) 982-6498
email: lgraypoet@q.com

Arie Kupferwasser
email: arie8k111@gmail.com

Anna Lee-Popham
Tel: (404) 916-3547;
email: info@annaediting.com

Ashley Lowe
Tel: (805) 421-9748
email: ashleyloweeditor@gmail.com

Nancy Meyer
Tel: (626) 863-5175
email: onetha1@yahoo.com

Nina Pick
Tel: (413) 281-8528
email: nina.pick@gmail.com

Rebecca Livingston Pottenger
Tel: (916) 751-9000
email: writingpottenger@gmail.com

Shaun Sanders
Tel: (805) 220-8127
email: ssanders@sbcc.edu

Jackie Toth
Tel: (805) 766-4585
email: jackieom@mac.com

Stephanie Westphal
Tel: (805) 794-0157
email: stephanie.westphal@gmail.com

Writing Tutor Services

Please see the Writing Tutor Service section on D2L, and the writing resources tutors webpage .