M.A. in Engaged Humanities & the Creative Life

Pacifica's M.A. Program in Engaged Humanities is now accepting applications for fall, 2015 with classes beginning in late August.

At a fundamental level, to study the Humanities is to study being human by investigating literature, the arts, philosophy, history, religion, and other inherently human interests.

Pacifica's program in Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life goes further to examine how individuals can be active and powerful in the world through the study of creativity and culture. The program's emphasis in depth psychology, which explores the creative unconscious, and its emphasis on arts practice make it unique.

The program has foundations in the humanities as engaged in making culture; depth psychology, which treats the psyche as a uniquely creative organ; and art-making as a way of developing the capacity to be human and engage with the world. In engaged humanities, we look at traditional subjects as interventions into key issues of our time. They include ecology, the future of spirituality, the role of myth in culture-making, healing, and technology.

The program invites students in the visual, performing, narrative, studio, and media arts; the creative side of advertising, marketing, and product development; teachers of art, literature, and the humanities; professionals in creative fields such as architecture, interior design, and fashion, and the film, television, and music industries; and any others who want to live and work more creatively, or foster creativity in themselves and others. It combines intellectual rigor with creative expression, encouraging dialogue amongst students and faculty working in all mediums in an effort to deepen and broaden our individual and collective potential to make our contribution to the humanities. Discover strategies for tapping into the deep well of the collective unconscious as a source of creativity, including studying imagery, symbolism, and the great archetypal patterns and stories that underpin our everyday lives. Study how people working in any creative capacity in any creative medium inspire and influence each other, and experience that same inspiration and influence inside of their cohort.

Depth psychology offers methods for developing creativity and wholeness such as dream work and active imagination, while arts practice is attuned to developing the creativity so often ignored in modern life. Designed for anyone who wants to realize his or her creative potential, this program seeks out those who want to join a humanities program not so much of the world, but for it.

Students in the M.A. in Engaged Humanities & the Creative Life program:

  1. Increase their generativity and cultivate their aesthetic sensibility and sensitivity by being in constant conversation about the creative life with faculty and peers, with great literature, classic films, and works of art spanning diverse genres, cultures, and periods of time
  2. Find rich sources of inspiration in the humanities, including the study of mythology, philosophy, psychology, history, literature, and ecology as they affect the art and craft of living and working artfully
  3. Participate and collaborate with a community of creatives from across a wide variety of artistic disciplines, educational backgrounds, and life experiences
  4. Complete two substantial creative projects or portfolios and reflect upon their creative process
  5. Receive a degree which expands their job options or opens up new career tracks
"Pacifica's M.A. in Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life enables you to conceive and incubate your own creative project—either drawn from professional life in the world, or from your desire to live more authentically. Come and learn with us arts practice enhanced by the creative psyche and the ecological humanities." -Susan Rowland, Ph.D., Chair of the M.A. Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life program

For information regarding Pacifica's M.A..Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life Program, please contact Patricia Abracia, Senior Admissions Counselor, at 805.969.3626 ext. 305 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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