Curriculum Overview: M.A. in Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life with Emphasis in Depth Psychology


Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life Program Format

This Masters in Creativity and Humanities combines the best aspects of a connected, heartfelt, inter-personal experience with the convenience of a learning management system, D2L.

Susan Rowland, Program Chair, Explains
Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life

Students in the M.A. Engaged Humanities & the Creative Life program work from home, using D2L to engage with the material and fellow students. Additionally, once each quarter, students gather on the Pacifica campus for an expanded week in residence. They join classmates from around the world in forming professional relationships and networks of like-minded individuals. There is time for community-building through shared meals, social events, film screenings and art viewings, guest lectures, and performing, sharing and developing their work.

These retreats are a time to share and reflect on the rich curriculum while enjoying the breathtaking 35 acre Ladera Lane campus nestled between the Pacific Ocean and Santa Ynez foothills. This convenient format brings Pacifica's graduate degree programs to global citizens and the life-long learners who would otherwise would not be able to fulfill their educational calling.

Courses emphasizing Creativity via the Humanities

Creativity and Aesthetic Sensibility – HMC 100,
Joseph Campbell and the Mythmaker’s Path – HMC 110
Creative Infl uence Across the Humanities – HMC 130
The Artist as Activist and Agent of Social Change – HMC 240
The Purpose and Power of the Moving Image – HMC 180
Selected Topics in Engaged Humanities – HMC 280

Courses emphasizing Creativity via depth/Jungian psychology

C. G. Jung, Individuation, and the Symbolic Life – HMC 150
Units The Expressive Power of Archetypes – HMC 140
Active Imagination, Dreams, and Psychic Creativity – HMC 200
The Healing Power of Creativity – HMC 230
Technology and the Psyche – HMC 250
Creativity, Vocation and Alchemical Work – HMC 260

Courses emphasizing Creativity via Creative Practice

The Purpose and Power of Image – HMC 160
The Complex Nature of Inspiration – HMC 120
Mythic Narratives: Eternal Sources and Contemporary Inflections – HMC 210
Time, Place, Space, and the Ecology of Creative Expression – HMC 220
Project Workshop I: Creative Dialogue and Design – HMC 170
Project Workshop II: Creative Expression and Reflection – HMC 270

Requirements for Graduation

  • Students must complete a total of 48 units.
  • A minimum grade of C is required in each completed course.
  • A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 must be maintained.
  • Students must attend at least two-thirds of each course.
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