Student Handbook


Dear Students:

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Pacifica Graduate Institute, whether you are a newly enrolled or continuing student. The information contained in this Student Handbook will provide help as you navigate through various educational landscapes at Pacifica. Please consider this Handbook to be your 'first contact' for academic and administrative information by familiarizing yourself with the Table of Contents, Faculty and Staff, General Information, Academic Policies and Regulations, Forms, and Schedule of Fees. It clarifies many of the questions that will arise during your tenure here. We are delighted to accompany and support your progress toward a graduate degree.

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Past Student Handbooks:

Student Handbook 15-16
Student Handbook 14-15
Student Handbook 13-14
Student Handbook 12-13
Student Handbook 11-12
Student Handbook 10-11
Student Handbook 09-10
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Student Handbook 07-08

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